Mo' MoneyMo' Problems

Mo' MoneyMo' Problems

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

How to avoid the financial mistakes people make with money & build the life YOU want.

Dwayne & Gabrielle Financial Literacy

The Characters

Meet Dwayne & Gabrielle

Siblings Dwayne & Gabrielle explore financial literacy in this young adult fiction literature novel.

The Author

Ian Saciuk

Learn about Ian's discover of being financially literate.

Ian Saciuk Author Mo Money Mo Problems

A Coming-Of-Age Story With Real Financial Advice

Written as a coming-of-age story and packed with important, life-changing messages, Mo' Money, Mo' Problems will enable anyone, regardless of where they are in life, to make better decisions about their future and their relationship with money. If you want to become successful, you must be willing to think differently, to learn and try new things, and make mistakes. If you want to learn how to focus on the things that are truly important to you, then this book is for you.