Mo' MoneyMo' Problems

Mo' MoneyMo' Problems

About the Book - Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems attempts to answer that one question we all ask ourselves, "How do I live a more balanced and fulfilling life?" The lessons contained in the story are woven into a fictional narrative between two siblings, through whom you can see the progress and improvement in their lives that comes about as a result of applying and living with these lessons and examples in the book. If you're interested in self-improvement or if you feel like you need a change in your life, this is the book for you!

How the Book Began 

During the dead of winter and the height of the pandemic in 2020, Ian had a discussion with his family over the phone. He came away so upset with the conversation (We've all been there...) that he decided to write down a list of his gripes so as to deal with the stresses he encountered with his family. Over the next few weeks, daily journaling became something he looked forward to everyday, and eventually, his writing took the form of a fictional story.

The Topics

The book focuses on a few topics, but the main premise is this: everybody only needs to understand compound interest and know how to use 3 equations in order to be wealthy. That's it! The book applies all of these in real life scenarios such as rent, mortgages and car loans, with Dwayne and Gabrielle discussing each in detail. Dwayne learns a lot and is able to make smarter, more beneficial financial decisions as a result of the lessons his sister teaches him, and SO CAN YOU!

Why Read It?

What makes Mo' Money, Mo' Problems unique is that unlike most other books on the topic, this one is tied to real life! Dwayne and Gabrielle can be your next door neighbours or someone you work with. The lessons they espouse and the way in which they grow is not only a metaphor for life writ large, but a story filled with lessons YOU can apply yourself! It isn't meant to be boring, and it never is. It's real, relatable, funny and shocking, it is a read that will keep you coming back for more and have you applying the lessons in it so that you will live a better, more balanced life before you know it.

Mo Money Mo Problems Book